Want To See The Mirrie Dancers?

Locally known as “The Mirrie Dancers” Sandend might seem an unlikely place to see them.

Aurora Borealis | Northern Lights | The Mirrie Dancers

Locally known as “The Mirrie Dancers” Sandend might seem an unlikely place to see them.

In order to see the Northern Lights, you need a dark, clear night, as well as great space weather. Also, there are Aurora forecast apps that will predict the Aurora and these are worth downloading to a smartphone.  

You have to put real effort into seeing the Northern Lights

Go out after dark & recce the dark sky – looking for areas with zero light pollution from the moon & street lights. Check Aurora, Moon & Cloud forecast apps and set alarm clocks for peak viewing hours. “As much as my other half dislikes being dragged out of our toasty warm bed, stepping into the shocking blasts of cold North Sea air eventually pay off”.  Remember…You have to “earn” a good photo

Can you see the Northern Lights with the naked eye?

The real question is, do the northern lights produce enough light for you to pick up the colours? YES, but not always… In addition, many auroras are totally invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen by looking at them indirectly, i.e, out of the corner of your eye, OR, by using your Smartphone or Camera.  Lights appear in a spectrum of colours including grey/white. 

The aurora can look like a wispy grey/white cloud making it easy to miss. Is it a cloud or sky? Cloud or Aurora – look for stars behind the white stuff – if you can see them you are seeing the Aurora!

Visit Glendale Aurora for the link to the App.

Visit Clear Outside for the link to the App.

Claire is our local astro photography expert and she has captured The Mirrie Dancers on numerous occasions, right here in Sandend.

Why not book an hour or two and receive some expert tuition using either your camera or smartphone – however, capturing the elusive lights means being ready at a moment’s notice at all hours of the night.

Contact Claire on Whats App – 07440 609845


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