Gardenstown Fishing Village

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Gardenstown is a small coastal village. Gardentown's harbour, once a busy fishing port, is now full of small creel boats and pleasure craft.

The lovely little fishing village of Gardenstown, also called Gamrie, pronounced ‘Game-ree’, whose streets are so sheer you almost need to be roped up to get around on foot, never mind trying to drive a car.  Founded by Andrew Garden, hence the name.

Gardenstown village also boasts galleries, pottery and craft workshops to give a glimpse of the art forms. Enjoy bird watching and spot several species of sea birds breeding in their natural habitat including puffins, razorbills and gannets. Apart from all this the beach, rockpools and harbour are also a treat to visit where local fishermen could be seen engaged in fishing activities which is the key trade of Gardenstown. for more information on this and other Fishing Villages in the area. 

A dry climate means that midges are absent - yipee!

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Gannet colony at troup head is one of the biggest colonies in the UK. They are distinctively shaped with a long neck and long pointed beak. Often travelling in small groups they feed by flying high before plunging into the sea to catch fish.

RSPB Troup Head

The high cliffs of Troup Head provide a spectacular setting for Scotland’s largest mainland gannet colony.

The high cliffs of Troup Head provide a spectacular setting for Scotland’s largest mainland gannet colony. There are also thousands of kittiwakes, guillemots and razorbills here, along with several other species, including puffins.


As voted by National Geographic Top Rated Places to Visit – “A wonderful region of Scotland. Beaches are fantastic, and the area welcomes visitors as one of their own. Largely rural. People work together for the greater good–fishermen tolerate canoeists; farmers allow walkers to pass over their land on footpaths, etc.”

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